Texel Portal MX

Texel Portal MX

Price: $29,900. Special prices for scientific and educational organizations.

30 seconds

Full HD quality

40 people / hour

Sensor updates

Main characteristic

Dimensionsd = 2000 mm (78,8 inch), h = 2600 mm (102,4 inch)
Scanning aread = 1200 mm (47,3 inch), h = 2200 mm (86,6 inch)
Model preparation time for display1 min
Model preparation time for 3D printing5 min
Flow capacity17—40 people per hour
Frame speed0,05 spins per second
Power consumption of a 3D scanner with a computer600—700 Watts
Format of 3D modelsFBX, OBJ, VRML, PLY, STL
Detailed texture of the 3D model1 mm (0,04 inch)
Number of polygons1 million

3D scan results


Automatic animation of 3D models in 90 seconds

3D printing

Integration with the cloud-based platform

Digital body measurements

100+ high-precision human body measurements

Light and mobile

The Texel Portal MX is a compact, full-color 3D scanner for scanning people. It looks spectacular, scans quickly and prepares a 3D digital model in just 90 seconds.

It takes just 30 seconds for the Texel Portal MX to analyse the person standing on the platform. Within one minute the Portal MX uses data from the sensors to create a realistic 3D model, develops it in the cloud and displays it on the screen.

What can you do with the scan results? Offer your customers a small 3D model of themselves or send them a digital version by email which can then be shared on social media. The 3D models can also be integrated into other services such as AR/VR systems, computer games and virtual fitting rooms.

The Texel Portal MX does everything for you. After registration, the client stands on the rotating platform and the operator begins the scanning process with just one click. The rest of the work is done by the system, which runs the sensors and collects the data, develops it in the Texel Portal app, builds a digital 3D model and prepares it for printing or integration into different services.

We have standardized the production of the Texel Portal MX to make the scanner reliable and predictable. For a consistent form and diameter (600mm) we use a laser cutting machine. A test plate helps to eliminate the slightest deviations during argon arc welding and high-precision milling and boring when creating holes minimize the vibration of the parts.

In order to create a unique atmosphere in the place where the 3D scanner is used and to attract attention to your brand, we can create individualized decoration and customize the project.

All operations of the Texel Portal MX are automated. The system is controlled by an electronic unit and powerful ARM processors help to carry out the precise positioning of installation. If a failure occurs, the unit will detect the error, correct it and continue working. Our clients like the automation, as it only takes one minute to learn to control this high-tech equipment!

Light, mobile and compact, the Texel Portal MX fits in the trunk of a car and assembly and setup takes only 15 minutes. You don’t need any special skills, just plug it in and connect the pillar to the podium of the 3D scanner. Also included are: a powerful computer, a tablet for registration and a set of wires.

In the scanner there are no bulky or complicated components. The main element is the small platform which is placed next to the pillar with the sensors. These sensors move along the pillar and collect data while the person is standing on the platform. As soon as the scanning process is finished, a 3D digital model is built using the data collected by the sensors.

With the Portal MX you will be able to create thousands of unique 3D models every month. The ideal installation location for your business is somewhere with a lot of passersby. We recommend areas such as shopping malls and exhibitions or other events. By controlling the lighting of the scanner, you can further increase the wow-factor and attract even more interested customers.

We are proud of our high-tech software Texel Cloud, which was developed by our team of talented computer scientists (supported by 6 scientific publications). Our software combines several million points into a complete, highly accurate 3D model while delivering results quickly and using minimal resources. At the same time, it preserves edges, shades and textures and realistically transmits facial expression, hair and clothes.

To scan complex hairstyles, for example hair with dark, shiny or very thin elements, we use the best sensors on the market. Even the complex details of clothes will look real, and the proportions will remain natural. After scanning is completed, a 3D copy can be integrated into various services such as AR/VR systems or virtual fitting rooms.

Design options

Prepared design options of Texel Portal scanning area

3D copies have been created

working 3D scanners



accurate 3D copies


Digital fitting room
Personalized recommendations online and offline will help users to buy clothes without traditional fitting and avoid errors when choosing one’s clothes.
Studies and Surveys of The Human Body
Automation of the collection of anthropometric data of research participants
Entertainment and advertising industry
Digital avatars of actual visitors are in the spotlight at parties, festivals, conferences and art events.
Using a personal 3D scanner, it is easy to track the progress of exercising and to rate weight loss or muscle gain progression.
Modern art
3D scanners have a huge potential in the world of art, and people with creative thinking will be able to create new opportunities for using…
Science and education
3D scanners help research workers and other experts to acquire new knowledge, to gain experience, and put forward and confirm hypotheses.