Used 3D scanners

Used 3D scanners

Texel Portal scanners retain all the accuracy and volume characteristics of the new scanners, as well as the new ones. The main difference is the need for periodic maintenance of the 3D scanner mechanisms. When you buy a used scanner, we make a complete preparation of the 3D-scanner for work and check the condition of elements that are subject to increased wear and tear.

Texel Portal BX-QN-1

This 3D scanner has participated in IT exhibitions and corporate events in Europe and the Middle East.

Texel Portal MX-IN-5

The scanner was manufactured in 2018, most of the time it was used for internal tests of the company for the digital fitting room project.

Texel Portal MX-QN-1

The scanner was produced in February 2019, it participated in exhibitions in Moscow and Vienna, a condition close to perfect.

Purchasing Features

The cost of a used scanner is highly dependent on its initial use and quality of service. All scanners are checked for wear and tear and meet the target values.

The company’s engineers replace and repair all defects before selling the scanner to the customer. Equipment that was in operation inside the company has new equipment guarantees and is maintained according to general recommendations.

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