Sustainable Development

Sustainable development

We are convinced that even the smallest steps in the right direction are important to achieve global goals. We are aware of our impact on the environment and strive to reduce our environmental footprint through various company-level initiatives.

Texel supports and adheres to the rules of environmentally friendly and careful attitude to nature in its daily work.

Avoiding plastic cups

The volume of production of plastic waste is about 9 billion tons per year, and this figure is increasing every year. We have abandoned disposable tableware in our offices. Instead, our employees and guests use reusable cups, bottles and cutlery. The use of corporate mugs has a positive effect on the formation of personal environmentally friendly habits.

Reducing paper consumption

More than 125 million trees are cut down annually for paper production alone. We purposefully reduce paper consumption at work and ask our employees to follow simple rules: print only what needs to be stored in paper form; use sheets on both sides; check documents carefully for errors before printing; use alternative resources – for example, electronic applications instead of paper notes.