Texel Studio

Texel Studio

Client software for basic processing of 3D scans. It allows you to look through the preliminary results, correct the colour and export 3D models in the formats PLY and STL for further processing in different programs including for 3D printing.

Texel Studio includes colour correction of 3D models, and also allows you to look through and evaluate the preliminary results of scanning and processing. The 3D digital object can then be exported in the PLY and STL formats for use in different applications for 3D models such as: 3DMax, GeoMagic, ZBrush and MeshLab.

In Texel Studio you can perform the following actions:

  • correct colour using ready-made templates;
  • export in the PLY and STL formats;
  • automatically remove the podium from the 3D model.


Within a few seconds, the program displays the results of scanning.


Finely adjust colour correction and export parameters


Clear and easy to use interface


Models are exported in the PLY and STL formats, which are compatible with other applications

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