Texel Registration

Texel Registration

Client software for registering everyone who wants to get an accurate digital 3D copy. It collects and develops the data of clients, automatically forms a queue and increases the speed when using the Texel Portal.

Texel Registration is used to enter users in the system. Before scanning begins, every client inputs their name and contact information into the form onscreen. From these registrations, a queue is automatically formed and the user receives a text message with their number in the queue.

To decrease the time per user, Texel Registration can be run on a separate monitor. It will be used for registering users, and another monitor can handle the scanning process and build the 3D model. The web app for registering users can be opened on a tablet or other device with Wi-Fi support.


Interface in Russian or English by default, it is also possible to add any other languages


Support for different phone number formats


On-screen or physical keyboard of choice


Can work on a seperate computer from AutoScan or even on a tablet


Electronic queue for those waiting to be scanned


To register just input your name and email/phone number


The program automatically communicates with AutoScan


Personal information of users is not saved or sent externally

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