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Texel Portal - A rapid, reliable and precise 3D scanner

Scans take just 30 seconds and produce a 3D model in 1 minute

— Fully automated
— Easy to transport and assemble
— No calibration required
— Perfect combination of quality and value

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The new generation of digital fitting room

Customers are given a selection of clothes to match their style, figure and budget

— Instantaneously determines figure, type, style and age using just 180 measurements of the human body
— Personalized selection of clothes from a single shop or a whole shopping mall
— Quick, convenient and free for a great customer experience

Read more - Innovative fitness tracker for personal use

Keep track of your fitness progress, lose fat and gain muscle
— Find out how your body reacts to physical strain
— Monitor size, body fat and muscle mass
— Perfect your technique to improve results

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Create a unique event with a digital avatar

The 3D scanner will allow visitors to touch the future – to see their own 3D copy in an unusual environment. In just 30 seconds a person receives their own 3D copy on their smartphone with extensive integration capabilities. Creation of personal content is fully automated.

– High audience involvement;
– Innovative image;
– Unique solution for agencies;
– Own cloud platform.

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The fast, mobile and easy-to-use Texel Portal scanner is rated among the top 10 3D scanners in the world (according to Aniwaa and Hometrica Consulting). Our scanners are ideal for scanning people and large objects in color. We use the best 3D sensors to produce an exact digital copy in the shortest possible time.



Texel partners and customers talk about our success:

Your 3D scanner is the coolest thing I saw…

TRENT CROW Pixar Studios

The world’s fastest 3D scanner also the most engaging one…


Texel has done what other companies have been trying to do for years.


Well done, this is on the best innovations of Moscow city.


They will create the future of this country!

German Gref Sberbank

Digitize the entire planet

Every day, Texel 3D scanners complement the 3D world picture with new users

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The possibilities of 3D-technologies allow you to implement the most creative ideas in reality.