3D Scanner
A breakthrough in the field of 3D digitization, automatic data processing and generation of 3D models in real time.
Portal into a New Dimension
Full cycle
Reliability and Upgrade
All Texel Portal parts and components are made-to-order at production facilities certified according to ISO 9001.

Our main achievement is high-tech software. We were able to make a breakthrough in accuracy that no other company has been able to achieve using 3D sensors available today.

The Texel Portal is unique because any 3D sensors can be mounted on its frame. We purchase and test all the latest units and when new sensors demonstrate better performance we make it possible to do a quick upgrade and replace old sensors with the latest technology.
Partners and clients
Portals are opened in the following locations:
  • Moscow, Central Children’s Store, –1 floor
  • Moscow, Tramplin Shopping Center, 3rd floor
  • Moscow, Technopolis, Hackspace
  • Kaluga Region, Ethnographic Park-Museum “Ethnomir”, the center of World street
  • Kaliningrad, Evropa Shopping Center, 1st floor
  • Spain, Marbella, La Cañada, planta baja
Business case: Virtual Fitting Room
Business case: 3D Photo Studio
3D printing of human figurines
Great value for money – our Portal is the only 3D scanner in the world that makes selling 3D human figures profitable.

The Texel Portal allows you to fully automate the scanning process, building and visualization of 3D models, generation and monetization of digital content, and preparation for 3D printing.

An integrated approach provides for the reliable and efficient operation of the processes required to create 3D figures.

The 3D scanner Portal allows you to produce and sell hundreds of high quality personalized miniature figures of people each month.

Our customers have shared hundreds of 3D photos – see it on VK.com.

Our B2C franchise site is its3d.me.

Instant digital content
3D photo
3D Photo Studio
3D Printing
You can order unique gifts made from the following materials: sandstone, paper, ceramics, gold, silver, bronze, brass, plastic, as well as glass and wood.
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