Texel support

Texel Technical Support helps you resolve operational problems and answers all questions related to customizing your scanning results.

Each customer receives basic training in the operation of the equipment and is informed of the transport conditions necessary to keep the equipment up and running.

If necessary, the training courses can be expanded with additional materials and cases of increased complexity to create and process 3D-photos.

Need help?

If problems have started to arise in process of work and standard procedures of recovery do not help, engineers of technical department will help to solve the arisen problem in the shortest possible time.

There are several ways to send a question:


Completed tasks


Answer within 12 hours


Repeated requests


New challenges

The Software Support Services do not include the provision of support for faults, defects or problems that are related to any of the following:

  • errors or failures in the performance of the Buyer’s hardware or operating systems;
  • internet connection failure;
  • solution operator errors;
  • the provision of incorrect information by Buyer or Buyer’s inability to provide Seller with materials that correspond to the required format and that are reasonably required or available to Buyer;
  • power failures;
  • malicious interference by any third party.

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We will answer all questions about working with 3D-scanners and equipment.

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