About Texel

About Texel

Although the company Texel was founded in 2014 its story began long before that. In 2007 work began on the scientific project of reconstructing image-based 3D models of the human body for VR systems. Seven years later the founders of Texel, Sergey Klimentyev, Maxim Fedyukov and Andrey Poskonin, set themselves a complicated but interesting goal – to digitize mankind.

They combined their ideas, work and experience in order to be the first in Russia to create a fast and accurate scanner for making digital 3D models of people and large objects.

A Scientific Approach to 3D scanning

Texel’s solutions for professional scanning of a person, the scanner Texel Portal and the proprietary software Texel Cloud for creating 3D models in real time are backed by a strong scientific base.

Texel is involved in 3D scanning research, applying deep machine learning algorithms, and developing software for processing 3D copies.

The full-color scanner Portal quickly creates a digital copy of a person and the high-tech algorithms analyze and evaluate the figure. The results from this coordination can be used for clothing selection, fitness progress evaluation and realistic animation. Accurate 3D models can also be used in the creation of viral content, 3D souvenirs, computer games and VR/AR systems.

Innovation in 3D scanning

Texel has achieved full automation of the scanning process and uses the best sensors in the market to get exact digital copies of people and objects. Included with every 3D scanner is a powerful computer which transforms the data from the sensors into a visualization of the model on the screen just 90 seconds after the scan begins. However, most of the magic happens behind the scenes where the results of the scan are sent to the Texel Cloud and are turned into a 3D model using high-tech software.

The high accuracy of the 3D models and their many uses is not only a result of the technology at Texel, but the people too. Today Texel employs talented scientists, science candidates and winners of scientific awards. The achievements of the company in 3D scanning and processing data are great assets.

Texel Today

Since August 2015, the office of Texel has been in Technopolis Moscow, a special area for the growth of high-tech production. In December 2016 the company achieved the status of resident of the innovative center “Skolkovo”.

From the moment Texel was founded it has actively attracted investment for the creation of new products. The development fund for internet initiatives “Skolkovo” showed great interest in solutions for 3D scanning and visualization, investing 51.7 million rubles. The British venture fund “Founders Factory” has also invested in the company.

Over the past two years, Texel Portal has been on the list of the best full-body 3D scanners according to Aniwaa (an independent French rating agency). The company organized a collaboration with Visa during the FIFA World Cup in 2018, and signed an agreement with Marks & Spencer and S.Oliver on the development of the project of a virtual fitting room. In 2019 the company began to work on a new product, Texel Fit, for getting digital measurements of people for clothing brands and fashion outlets.


Texel Portal scanners work successfully in 15 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the USA, and Australia. Every 20 seconds a new image appears in the Texel cloud.

Texel continues to work on perfecting the machine learning algorithms which assist in creating exact 3D models using consistent and affordable equipment. The company quickly reacts to the needs of the market and regularly announces new products for retail, fitness, medicine, events and creative content developers.

Digitize the entire planet

Every day, Texel 3D scanners complement the 3D world picture with new users

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Winner of VC/DemoDay “Technology for a Megalopolis” at the X St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum


Best startup in the Russian Federation according to Pioneers


Best startup in the Russian Federation according to SeedStars World


Winner (along with VISA and Shiraz Creative) of the nomination “Best Combination of Event Technologies” at the Experience Design & Technology Awards