Texel AutoScan

Texel AutoScan

Client software for 3D scanning. Starts the scanning process, uses data from the sensors to build a 3D model. In just 90 seconds, the application creates a digital copy of a person.

Texel AutoScan starts scanning and automatically creates cloud of points based on the data gathered from the scanner’s sensors. To control the program, the user can press four buttons. They are responsible for starting the scan and choosing additional products, which will determine the look of the future 3D model (such as background and animation). A link to a personal page with the 3D digital copy is sent to the user’s email within a minute after the scan is completed.


Minimal input from the operator


4 buttons to start scanning and manage the electronic queue


50 seconds to build a 3D model.


Can be used with different sensors


It is possible to change the background and add a logo


Maximum details when building 3D objects


Friendly and understandable interface


Unique software developed in-house

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