Texel Cloud

Texel Cloud

Cloud software for processing 3D models. During scanning, sensors collect data for building a cloud of points, and the app sends them to the Texel servers.

In our cloud there are 3 programs at work:

  • MeshReconstructor: builds polygonal 3D models based on 3D scans;
  • AutoRigger: inserts the animated skeleton into the model allowing it to be animated;
  • BodyFit: creates a statistical model of a person based on the scan and takes the body’s measurements.


It takes from 5 to 15 minutes to export 3D models depending on the settings


A large range of model formats for export: PLY, STL, OBJ, WRL, FBX


Operations are performed server-side automatically


Works with anonymous data which is detached from corresponding users


Works with all popular sensors

100% Ready

The program automatically prepares 3D models for printing


Builds 3D objects as accurately as possible


Obtains 97 measurements of the human body

Texel Cloud is an innovative development from Texel’s team. The user can choose one of three available methods of processing digital 3D copies in the cloud:

  • Build a polygonal 3D model using data from sensors in the form of a point cloud;
  • Insert a standard skeleton into a specific 3D model and animate it;
  • Create a parametric model of a person in a 3D scan and take accurate measurements of the body. The models can be used to evaluate fitness results, make clothing recommendations and create animated models for virtual reality systems such as personalised advertising and games

Therefore, the user has two options: preparing 3D models for printing, and preparing models for animating or taking measurements of the body. All actions are automated and take place in the Texel Cloud.

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