Texel Services

Texel Services

An integrated collection of Texel web services for working with 3D models and other data. Users have 3 systems available to them:

  • Texel Console: Web user interface for accessing the database of 3D scans and the Texel Cloud service. The console allows users to view registrations, scans, orders, content with options to search and sort.
  • Texel API: Program interface for accessing data and the Texel Cloud.
  • Texel Cloud: For processing 3D models in the cloud.


Applications exchange data automatically without human input


3D models can be stored in the popular formats: OBJ PLY, WRL, STL, FBX


User information is never given to 3rd party services without consent


The link to the 3D model is available for 90 days after its creation


Parameters of 3D models can be set for printing and to choose animation.


User data and 3D scans are stored in a secure database


The operator can interact with the cloud through a simple and clear web interface


All available options to modify and refine 3D models

Texel Services is an ecosystem which is responsible for the interaction of the user and software connected to the Texel Cloud and other services.

After scanning the user will be sent a text message or email containing a personal link with the chosen content or body measurements, which can then be shared on social media. For integration with 3rd party apps, Texel API can be used to gain access to data, export models, work with measurements and so on.

Texel Console allows the scanner operator to access the user database and work with the Texel Cloud and to:

  • look through information about registered users
  • export 3D models in the formats OBJ, PLY, WRL and STL for the manufacture of static figures
  • set parameters of 3D printing: polygon count, thickness, scale of figures and more
  • select an animation from standard options and export models in the FBX format

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Use cases

Digital fitting room
Personalized recommendations online and offline will help users to buy clothes without traditional fitting and avoid errors when choosing one’s clothes.
Studies and Surveys of The Human Body
Automation of the collection of anthropometric data of research participants
Entertainment and advertising industry
Digital avatars of actual visitors are in the spotlight at parties, festivals, conferences and art events.
Using a personal 3D scanner, it is easy to track the progress of exercising and to rate weight loss or muscle gain progression.
Modern art
3D scanners have a huge potential in the world of art, and people with creative thinking will be able to create new opportunities for using…
Science and education
3D scanners help research workers and other experts to acquire new knowledge, to gain experience, and put forward and confirm hypotheses.