3D software

3D software Texel

Texel AutoScan

Starts the scanning process, uses data from the sensors to build a 3D model.

Texel Registration

It collects and develops the data of clients, automatically forms a queue and increases the speed when using the Texel Portal.

Texel Studio

It allows you to look through the preliminary results, correct the colour and export 3D models.

Texel Cloud

During scanning, sensors collect data for building a cloud of points, and the app sends them to the Texel servers.

Texel Services

An integrated collection of Texel web services for working with 3D models and other data.

Texel Sync

App for the synchronisation of data and 3D scans between the client PC and Texel’s cloud services.


Software that creates a parametric model of a person from a 3D scan and determines the measurements of the body.

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