Studies and Surveys of The Human Body

Automatic processing of digital human body measurements with high accuracy

30 seconds per scan

40 people per hour

98 measurements according to ISO 8559

Automatic export

Surveys In 3D

3D surveys provide the ability to conduct additional research based on collected 3D models without the repeated participation of people.
As long as there is an Internet connection, the obtained 3D-models can be accessed from anywhere, with each client receiving a unique key for connecting via API.
A comprehensive IEEE study from the University of Valencia has confirmed the high accuracy of all obtained body measurements.
Motion Animation: scanning a person in-motion will allow you to automatically add movement-animation, covering all parts of the human body.


Apparel manufacturing:

The human body is changing as rapidly as the technology around us. In order to create new clothing collections, designers need more information about real customers and their preferences — this is where 3D scanning comes in. A 3D scanner is used to create a 3D avatar of a client, which opens up opportunities for the analysis of real shoppers.

Classic mannequins are an outdated approach for designing and marketing of apparel. New digital mannequins, based on 3D models of actual customers, will allow future clothing collections to become much more profitable.

The accumulation of data will help to isolate and aid specific segments of buyers who have a hard time finding clothing that properly fits them. Brands can now discover new growth points by analyzing this anthropometric data.

Athletics training:

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a training and improve competition results with 100% probability?

Preparation for upcoming competition consists of several stages and requires a thorough analysis of an athlete’s current condition. In regards to highly competitive sports, there is no second place; the human body needs to work like a well-oiled machine.

Analyzing body changes during the training process allows us to adjust current training practices by highlighting the muscle groups that need to be focused on in order to achieve maximum results.

Effects Of Diet And Drugs

3D scanning creates endless possibilities for preparing and gathering evidence for new methods of losing weight. Periodic 3D scanning can accurately monitor and record body changes throughout each stage of a study.

Even with multiple doses, not all drugs are proven to be effective. It can take several weeks of volunteer observation to achieve a noticeable result.

The periodic scanning of study participants highlights any possible side effects that were not originally considered during the developmental stage of a new drug. 3D scanning uses its own parametric model to make accurate measurements of bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Uniform And Custom Clothing Survey

The production and implementation of personal employee uniforms solves several problems simultaneously — it improves uniform’s protection properties and increases labor productivity. The more comfortable a set of uniform is, the less energy employee has to spend performing his direct professional duties.

The personalization of uniform also reduces the number of on-site accidents. In return, this increases the attractiveness of the business for both investors and prospective employees.

Fast Collection Of Data About Human Bod

Automation of the collection of anthropometric data of research participants