Digital fitting room

Digital fitting room

Sewing and selecting fashionable clothes that fit perfectly

3D scanners revolutionize the idea of selecting ideal clothes. Clothes manufacturers get closer to their customers with the help of 3D scanning. First, when they develop new models with account of anthropometric measurements of a contemporary human being. Their body has noticeably changed for the last 50 years: now they are less involved in heavy labor, spend more time with gadgets, prefer sedentary lifestyle and fast food. Then the clothes manufacturers get closer, when they unite with other players of the fashion market and propose new tools for clothes selection.

Using 3D scanning results, popular fashion retailers get more loyal customers, as they know: they will receive clothes that will fit not only by size, but by body type, fit and color type.

Texel experience

Cooperation of Texel and Mega Belaya Dacha, the largest shopping mall in Europe, demonstrated that brands may increase business marginality and loyalty of customers, offering clothes with ideal fit. Texel Portal 3D scanner scans a human being for 30 seconds, and special Texel cloud software prepares a precise parametric model using data collected by sensors and computer aided training technologies.

Software uses 140 body measurements to make recommendations for clothes selection in a virtual fitting room. Texel is already cooperating with the famous global retailer MARKS & SPENCER in this area and currently negotiating with other fashion brands.

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Digital approach to clothes

Create unique clothes collections based on a customer’s digital avatar!