Promotional 3D scanner

Your client is the main hero of an art event or a capturing animation.

A 3D scanner is easily converted into a tool to create animation videos, where your visitors become the main characters. Colorful 3D scanning and visualization of models add emotion to the content, and thanks to the personal participation of the users such events engage more interested visitors.

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This is in demand in the world of advertising and in the entertainment industry, which change quickly and are always searching for new methods of attracting the target audience. Digital avatars of actual visitors are in the spotlight at parties, festivals, conferences and art events.

See yourself dancing on a big screen, become the hero of your favorite movie or shoot a commercial — this is just a small list of the applications of using 3D scanners in the entertainment industry. Scanning results may be used to create realistic 3D tours, creative VR spaces, or even planning global events where it is necessary to provide arrangements of zones and invited artists and guests.

Such scanner will become the central element during the presentation of an entertainment or a shopping event, a hotel, a medical center, a kids’ party or a residential complex. A person who sees themselves from the outside as the event participant will most likely develop a positive attitude towards the service advertised to him or her.

Texel experience

Texel Portal BX 3D scanner was developed specifically for events, where organizers approach engagement with visitors in a creative manner. A podium of futuristic design, which may be modified and branded in accordance with your requirements, while mantaining fast scanning speeds and practically instantaneous results — this guarantees visual appeal and interest in the scanner’s operation.

People who have already visited events of our customers enjoy watching their own realistic copy transferred to a virtual environment — from a commercial to a video game. They feed off positive emotions and share scanning results actively on social media.

Texel Portal 3D scanner has been already appreciated by thousands of visitors of global events in several metropolitan cities:

  • Moscow (Park Line Festival, Open Innovations exhibitions, SIBUR Conference “Forum of the Future”),
  • Helsinki (Slush 2015, 2016 exhibition),
  • London (Bett Show 2018 conference),
  • New York (NRF 2019 exhibition and Bizbash 2018 event fair),
  • Las Vegas (CES 2018 exhibition),
  • Dubai (Gitex 2019 exhibition),
  • Vienna (Pioneers 2019 festival).

The customer is the main hero of the event

Turn into reality the most ambitious ideas and desires!