In 2023, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of every aspect of our work

2023 marked a significant milestone in the integration—or rather, collaboration with—artificial intelligence across all our activities. AI’s role has expanded beyond its presence in our product offerings, which include 3D scanning technologies, sizing recommendations, and virtual try-ons, to aiding in several key company processes.

• In recruitment, neural networks have transformed the hiring process, enabling immediate scheduling of interviews once an employee gives notice, ensuring a smooth transition and knowledge transfer to new hires.

• In management, the introduction of a “Brainstorm with AI first” rule means brainstorming sessions now commence with AI, followed by human discussions, so time and focus are not wasted.

• In sales, neural networks understand every nuance of the company’s products and services, assisting in crafting responses to complex customer inquiries.

• In customer support, AI-driven assistant operates 24/7, ready to address any query, including those that are repetitive or plain trivial.

• In research, the application of neural networks in analyzing scientific papers and solving algorithmic problems accelerates the discovery of innovative solutions.

• In development, AI aids in programming, from scripting in Python to developing complex algorithms in C++, while also improving code readability through comprehensive commenting.

• In marketing, neural networks assist in market research by gathering data into extensive tables and preparing marketing materials.

• In legal affairs, the review of lengthy and complex contracts has not only become more efficient but also enjoyable.

The effectiveness of AI in our company is not just about automating tasks but fundamentally rethinking and restructuring our approach to everything. Neural networks don’t replace humans; they complement and enhance our capabilities. They are just a new type of talk partner that helps us view challenges from fresh perspectives and solve problems more efficiently, amplifying the value of human contribution towards our overarching goals.